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Dima Kaptsan

Hello and welcome

My name is Dima Kaptsan and no, I am not a blogger:-).

In my career I had many different titles but, I would like to summarize it to one --> a"Data Lover" title. I've been dealing with those materials since 2003 and over those years I have gained some experience in many industries such as:

  • Hi-tech

  • Fashion

  • Food industry

  • Manufacture

  • Services

  • Call centers

  • Agriculture

  • Farms

  • Local government and many more

So in this blog I'll try to reflect my knowledge, demonstrate some tips and tricks in Business intelligence, Project managing, analytics and Data science worlds.

I will note in advance that I am not a scientist, at least not officially. All that I write here stems from personal experience and my opinion so it should not be considered academic.

Back in a days when i was working as an analyst in a call center company, besides the standard reports and kind of "smart" reports that we were producing, i was always "digging" in to data. Trying to find or better say, trying to automatic formulate some of the company's KPI. While doing that i found correlations between some measures, and i could actually build a formula that can help me predict better. Yes, it was a simple regression, but I felt like I invented the wheel.

Today part of that called Data Science and those smart reports called Business Intelligence. Of course, it is much more than regressions and smart reports but it is a part of it. I believe that BI and DS must go together, they 2 parts of the whole picture. One presents the past while the other draws scenario of the future. My latest experience with BI tools was mostly Qlikview, Qlik Sense and Power BI and playing with R language and Python that is why in the future posts, I will explain how to start a BI project, some architecture issues and much more.

Feel free to contact me on any of those channels:



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