November 4, 2018


As I previously mentioned,

Snowflake and Star Schema comes often in data warehouses, but what happens when your model contains multiple facts?

In Qlik products, there are 2 techniques:

  • Concatenate fact tables

  • Key-Table

Concatenate and Key-Tables are w...

October 7, 2018


When we work with ERP/CRM databases or some other transactional system, we meet database that usually normalized and designed for fast writing in it.

It is one of the main purposes of that systems, it is being able to write many data/transactions very fast.


September 26, 2018

So the decision is to build/develop some kind of BI model, let’s assume it’s Sales model.

  • How do you begin?

  • Where do you go?

  • What? Where? How!?

Well, as I mentioned in previous posts you should know the business.

After you learned it, start to interview...

September 18, 2018


So you are starting a BI project, or doing some analysis or looking for patterns.

You may receive a Specification Document or after a couple of interviews with your customers/users (there will be a separate post on how to interview your future users an...

September 12, 2018


Hello and welcome

My name is Dima Kaptsan and no, I am not a blogger:-).

In my career I had many different titles but, I would like to summarize it to one --> a"Data Lover" title. I've been dealing with those materials since 2003 and over those years I have gained...

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