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Veritas Solutions
BI Development and DWH 

One of the most important areas in the business world is Business Intelligence - BI.

Those important elements in any organization or company that wants to succeed is to create a successful connection between business processes occurring in the organization and one operating system, which will coordinate and analyze all these processes.

Business intelligence systems greatly streamline the performance of each company, helping to reduce costs and increase profits. This is a very important area that is one of the challenges of any organization. The sophisticated BI systems can also collect, analyze and characterize a large amount of information related to the company's products and services, thereby improving the company's performance.
Thanks to BI systems, companies are able to turn their information into knowledge, identify trends and opportunities, compete with their competitors and thus create a significant competitive advantage. The professionals in the field are the developers of these systems. They are the ones who plan and build the business intelligence systems, so their importance is so great.

We will characterize and design a data warehouse and BI solutions required after customer specification or demand

Veritas Solutions
Information Systems Analysis

The complexity of information activities and developments requires each organization to make changes or to add information systems almost routinely. The information systems analysis phase is one of the critical steps in the enterprise computing process. This is a procedure that can not be done without the professional work of IT analysts.

We will characterize the needs, produce technical documents and characterization documents, and plan integration for existing systems

Veritas Solutions
Consulting and project management


We at Veritas Solutions provide consulting and services for the efficient and effective management of the information systems body through a combination of knowledge and tools from the world of management, process engineering and systems analysis.

We help the organization improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while maximizing business needs.



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